Good Rain Shade

Advice for startups


Goodrainshade is about sharing the lessons that I have learned both from working on my company and helping other startups.

IMG_0235Hi! – this is Jonathan Cogley and I enjoy helping startups.  I started on the same journey with my cybersecurity company several years ago (here is a podcast interview that covers the journey), there were long nights, tough problems, several miserable failures and even a few HR nightmares.  My cybersecurity company reached 50 employees and $10 million USD per year in revenue in 2014 before I took outside investment and sold a majority stake in the company to a growth equity firm in 2015.  It was a wild ride but lots of lessons were learned along the way.

These days I participate as a startup mentor both independently and with some startup incubators.  This gives me the opportunity to talk to many startups and keep up to date on trends in different industries.  I can also be a board member and an angel investor if there is a good fit.

What does goodrainshade mean?
A few years ago, my 8 year old daughter was using an umbrella in the rain and looked up at me and said “Daddy, this umbrella has good rain shade!”.  Of course I laughed because we don’t call it rain shade but she was pretty logical in her thinking and had just looked at things in a different way.  The business world is the same – if we look at everything the same way then there is no differentiation and our upstart company is unlikely to disrupt the established businesses.  We have to change the game so that we have an advantage.  We have to find our goodrainshade.

Listen to my startup’s story on the Millionaire Interviews podcast here.

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