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Advice for startups


My clients range from individual entrepreneurs to profitable service companies looking to build a successful product.  My involvement can be providing useful advice, to joining the company’s board as an advisor or sometimes even providing investment funds.  In short, I succeed when you succeed. 🙂

“Super helpful! The session was very helpful in developing a strategy for moving forward. Thank you!”
— Hemanth Nair, Founder,

“I have run multiple companies and worked with many advisors. Jonathan stands out as a highly effective and impactful startup advisor because of his depth of experience and insight. His advice helped us get our entire roadmap and development strategy and implementation in place, and helped us in other areas as well such as marketing, sales and business strategy.”
— Zach Cutler, CEO, Propel

“Thanks for the awesome conversation.  Your insight comes from our industry and it was directly actionable, which is rare.”
— Dawud Gordon, CEO, Twosense Inc.

“Thanks Jonathan. Your capture of our conversation and recommendations are on point.  I appreciate your guidance and welcome regular conversations to keep us on track.”
— Aarti Smith, CEO, Chainbridge Solutions Inc.

“Thank you so so much for your call last week. I really appreciated it.  We have taken all of your advice on board. It was really, really helpful and I’ll keep you updated on how we get along.” 
— Tyson Adeyemi, Entrepreneur

“Jonathan is very genuine and the only advisor ever that sent a written follow up :)”
— Oscar Jung, CEO,

And many more.

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